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20 buyers, 200 projects! The end of Excel

Case study

20 buyers, 200 projects! The end of Excel


A large retailer, with more than 200 stores across Europe, spending an excess of €450M on the target categories they wanted to address through the project. They were running a negotiation programme across several countries and business units, but they didn’t have access to any tool to allow them to track this programme and the progress made.


We identified the customer’s main needs in terms of reporting and information sharing. Our team then selected a SaaS system which matched most of the requirements and collaborated with a developer to customise it. We implemented the system and ran the Project Management Office, ensuring timely project delivery, information and reporting to all stakeholders, and on-target profit improvement delivery.   We know everything there is to know about the purchasing service providers market and this allows us to understand and indicate the best fit between customer requirements and services available on the market. Thus, we can choose the right product and tailor it to meet our clients objectives. This is backed by our team’s in-depth experience of purchasing management.


Real-time tracking, accurate information sharing and savings validation for 180 projects, across 3 business units in 2 countries.


200 stores, €450M spend, 180 projects, €18M EBITDA.