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Working shoulder-to-shoulder with client teams to deliver the value

Making it happen

Goal of our implementation service can vary from improving profitability, to reducing supply chain failure risk, to increasing speed to market by building a new supply chain

Although goal of our clients could be diverse, they often hire us for similar reasons:


Either they are looking to partner up to help them deliver aggressive goals in a rapid timeframe

Capacity and capability

Or they are looking for sourcing and procurement expertise to cover their capacity or capability gaps


We work shoulder-to-shoulder with client teams to deliver the value creation goals.

Our approach is geared towards EP doing the heavy lifting. We inject the expertise and capacity, yet our clients stay in command of the decisions

Leveraging technology

Along with deploying expert talent, we leverage leading procurement technologies from the market to accelerate the value discovery process for our clients. This includes:

ePMO: Procurement Performance Management platform to help teams holistically see and actively manage the procurement projects

eSourcing: Best-of-breed eRFP and eAuctions software to enable transparent and efficient dialogue between our clients and the suppliers

Intelligence Databases: Access to a range of category intelligence databases to complement our sourcing process

Advanced spend analytics: To provide visibility and actionable intelligence into spend

Advanced sourcing levers

We leverage a range of sourcing levers to deliver the results including

RFPs and E-auctions

Advanced negotiations

Specification redesign

Value chain realignment

Low cost country sourcing

Raw material optimisation

Supplier partnership programmes

>30 other levers

Well established sourcing process

EP’s six step sourcing execution methodology has been tested and evolved through a range of contexts and industries

Each step has a clear deliverable. This ensures that the key stakeholders are informed, consulted and empowered throughout the project journey

Managing change

Realising aggressive goals often entail implementing change, e.g., change of supplier, of specifications, of buying process etc. Many programmes fail not because of lack of sourcing activity, but because of the inability to take the organisation along on the change cycle. Therefore, along with delivering best-in-class sourcing actions, our approach focusses on taking client organisations through a well-orchestrated change cycle. This includes:

Deploying high intensity PMO

Setting up multi-layered governance mechanism

Leveraging focussed performance reports

Using change management techniques across the sourcing delivery process