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Support Services

Our support services aim at filling in specific capability or capacity gaps as identified by our clients to execute their agenda. This includes:

Filling short term resource gaps

Sometimes, our clients are seeking specific resources either because of increased short term workload, or delays in replacing key members of staff, or to deliver a one-off major project.

Resource can be a standalone programme management office resource, or specific category expert or a generalist sourcing executioner. We provide the flexible capacity to address these interim needs.


Procurement practices are evolving with significant pace. Without the right training, too often procurement teams tend to not operate at the level required to deliver the strategic value to the business.

EP training academy offers tailor-made training projects to Clients on a range of topics including advanced negotiation techniques, strategic sourcing, e-sourcing systems and data analysis. 

Our trainers are procurement practitioners who bring in real life experiences to make the trainings engaging for the attendees.