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Analyst / Senior Analyst

As an analyst, your role is to transform data into information. You prepare, study, and model data (spend data, macro-economic data, contracts, KPIs, etc.) to highlight key points that allow the design and implementation of optimal purchasing strategies.

You are at ease with figures and the tools that allow you to present them (Excel and PowerPoint necessarily, but also Power BI or Tableau for example). You are rigorous and methodical and have an eye for detail.

You would have completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a leading university and may have 1 to 3 years of relevant professional experience. Your academic background reflects a strong analytical mindset.

Consultant / Senior Consultant

As a consultant, you carry out purchasing projects from A to Z for clients. You analyze the problems, advise, justify and implement the proposed solutions. In permanent contact with our clients, you are their privileged contact person on a daily basis. You have extensive experience in executing strategic sourcing events including RFPs and advanced negotiations, and have expertise in one or more purchasing families.

With an academically strong background from a leading university, you have 3 to 10 years of professional experience, necessarily in the field of purchasing, ideally with a few years spent with a leading consulting firm.

Manager / Senior Manager

As a manager, you manage a client’s mission in its entirety: management of the dedicated team of consultants, management of the quality of the deliverables, the project plan, and the mission’s P&L.

You are the Enabling Procurement reference for your client and have expertise on a variety of topics: sourcing, negotiation, contracting, organization, P2P, everything that makes up the life of a procurement department.

In addition to ensuring that the projects managed by the consultants in your team are running smoothly and that your client is satisfied, you identify new issues on which we can assist them. You are also deeply involved in business development and firm development initiatives. You have a minimum of 7 years’ experience in purchasing, of which at least a few years spent with a leading consulting firm.


At this level, your primary focus is to provide leadership. You work closely with clients and prospects to collaboratively design solutions and create new business opportunities for EP.

You are responsible for creating an ideal environment for EP employees to develop and you ensure EP becomes an increasingly influential player in the world of procurement and supply chain

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