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EP expands to UK-Yorkshire


EP expands to UK-Yorkshire

Enabling Procurement is proud to announce the opening of their newest office in York, United Kingdom.  The office, under Partner in charge of UK Development Olivier Durand, is well-positioned to help companies navigate the uncertainties of Brexit on their supply chains.

Enabling Procurement, a procurement consulting firm based in Belgium and France, is opening a new office in York to serve clients with imminent BREXIT supply chain issues. The office is currently hosted in the Innovation Center of York University and aims at creating a consulting hub with 10 employees by 2019. 

Regardless of the outcome of what currently look like a messy negotiation between the UK and the EU, most CPOs and CFOs are bracing themselves for huge disruption in their supply chain. Suppliers that made perfect sense yesterday might no longer be an option tomorrow. 70% of the CFOs we interviewed are running weekly Brexit meetings to mitigate the impact, but most acknowledge that at this stage they still don’t know what they are preparing for.

“We chose York as the North will be most affected by the imminent changes and the current consulting offering is really limited,” says Oliver Durand, partner in charge of UK development. Olivier is a seasoned procurement partner who set up Enabling Procurement in Belgium 3 years ago, worked for 10 years in London, and is now “delighted to be working in Yorkshire.”

About Enabling Procurement:

Enabling Procurement (EP) is a management consulting firm specialized in helping clients gain maximum business value from their procurement function.  EP is one of the top specialists in Retail Procurement, with more than 10 retail projects per year. Through close collaboration at all levels within organizations, we support our clients in developing procurement organizations that are equipped to face the challenges of modern business.  With offices in Brussels, France and the UK, EP’s growing team of experts specialise in providing tailor-made solutions and services to companies with turnovers ranging from €500M to €2bn.