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How Solutiam can be the solution for Procurement Professionals


How Solutiam can be the solution for Procurement Professionals

We’ve been teasing and leaking stuff about what Solutiam is about. We launched the Beta version, just a week back so I thought I’d bring it all into an article. If you’re a buyer faced with a new requirement, have you ever thought “where the hell do I get this stuff? who are the suppliers? how does the market work? what do I need to look for?”

If you have, then the next step has probably been to spend a lot of time online to try and gather relevant information, to go round your network to find someone with some knowledge of the topic, or to call the cavalry in the form of a consultant or interim.

Very simply, Solutiam is a platform that brings together buyers with a need for market or benchmark information, and experts in that particular market.

Clients pay €250, the expert that wrote the reply to the question gets €200, and Solutiam keeps €50 (yep, we have kids to feed too…)

Here are two sample replies to a benchmark question and a market question.

If you are a buyer, we believe they provide great value for money. If you are an expert, the first reply you write will take you a couple of hours. But the next ones will be a lot quicker and you can recycle a fair bit of the info. We believe this is a true win-win (but we’d love your view on that!)

Buyers can find experts in 750 categories of spend. If you are a potential client and you want to test our experts, or you just want to find out more, check us out.

If you have particular expertise on a specific market and you want to join the 130 experts already registered, here is the place.

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Solutiam is an online procurement platform developed by Enabling Procurement