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New logo, new website – only the tip of the iceberg


New logo, new website – only the tip of the iceberg

In January we will be celebrating 3 years of Enabling Procurement, and we thought this deserved a new logo and a new website.

We are glad that the business has been growing steadily, but what is even more comforting to us is the satisfaction of our stakeholders: team, clients, partners.

We built EP because we had a vision that we wanted to implement:

1)Procurement is a tool for business success. People don’t need to “get” HR or Finance, every company understands that they need a Finance or HR department. We want procurement to get to the stage where it is not questioned anymore, not because they are good at claiming and validating their own savings, but because they are recognized as a key part of business success.
2)We were tired of working for companies whose main interest was to maximize gross margin, we were convinced that it was more important to be proud of what we were doing, and go to work with a smile because what we are doing is making a difference for some people.

With this in mind, we are able to truly focus on getting the best for our clients. We hire talented people and we continuously screen the market in search of the best technology to assist the development of procurement.

We develop our tools and methodology to increase our reliance on data and market knowledge – because good decisions are based on good facts and data.

In most companies, the procurement team is expected to provide expert support for the purchasing of close to 150 spend categories, with vastly under-developed tools and resources. What happens most of the times is that the team focuses on its expert topics, and other categories are treated on a “best endeavors” basis, because plugging the knowledge gap in a procurement team is a lengthy, expensive, uncertain process. At Enabling Procurement, we don’t think it should be.

We are embarking on a journey that will transform access to procurement knowledge, and we are transforming our business accordingly. This new website and logos are the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface big changes are afoot – register here if you want to learn before everyone else how we will transform procurement in the next few months.