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Thank you to a great EP team


Thank you to a great EP team

It was a Crazy 2022, but thanks to our team we more than managed!

I don’t need to explain how crazy 2022 has been. Over the past few years, we have all been thinking that the following year would take us to some sort of ‘back to normal’ but every year we have been so wrong. Living in the UK, I always feel like I have a front row seat for the drama playing out in front of our eyes.

Reflecting on the year, we did steer the ship in some good directions at EP. After 7 years of a fairly stable niche procurement consulting business, we have grown the business by several 100s of percent in 2022, but more importantly we keep adding satisfied clients that trust us and refer us to their network.

What was different this year?

At EP we always put the clients at the forefront of any decision. We never focus on their immediate gratification but on solid and sustainable value creation. That gives us a reputation for maybe not being the most diplomatic operators, but certainly for being people you can trust and who will get you what you really need.

But in 2022, we also started focusing more on our team, putting our amazing people first. At EP we have very strong process to approaching procurement that certainly generates some envy from bigger and better known businesses, but we always assumed that people would simply ‘get on with it’.

Now with all the troubles we have been through and surprisingly because we are working more remotely, we are getting closer.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not yet the perfect company to work for. But we are striving to improve and to work with every single individual at EP to make us a place the team can be proud of.

Our guys have been incredible this year. The team in Mexico delivered properly outstanding sourcing activity by finding a new manufacturer for a biscuit business that had no choice but to move its production to generate some gross margin at last. The team in America just keep finding new sources of food for restaurant chains despite an absolutely terrible market. They were not only able to manage shortages but reduced net cost on some product lines, allowing the business to soften the impact of inflation.

Whether it’s the French team or the UK team or even the Indian team, everybody is always pulling together and seeking the best solutions.

These guys are incredible and I would like to thank them again, because in 2022 they gave everything  to Enabling Procurement. They stuck with us through good, bad and terrible times; they have been stretched; but they all delivered consistently amazing outputs and clients were thrilled by the results.

So Thank You!