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Which SKUs make money?

Case study

Which SKUs make money?


Sharing information across 1000+ employees across Europe? A smartphone solution! Our client was keen to rapidly distribute sales and margin information to every store and to the procurement team to be able to react rapidly on trends. Furthermore the key brief was to provide the same level of information to everybody, with the creation of a simple, highly responsive cascade of data, so people could easily focus on what matters most to them.


A million lines of data consolidated through custom workshops so they delivered the right level of information. Making use of crowdsourcing for the development of a responsive platform reflecting client specifications. After beta testing with careful quality analysis of the development, we deployed the tool that allows our client to have a bird’s eye view with drill down functionality, up to SKU level for each individual store. Successfully completed this project for a major retailer in 6 weeks flat, from initial meeting to delivery.   Our focus on timely execution of projects, with useful development of dashboards for the business stems from recognising the challenge of sharing complex data across a very decentralised procurement organisation. Such projects routinely over-run while never deliver the anticipated benefits. We possess excellent knowledge of procurement, which is carefully integrated with IT solutions in order to provide value-adding solutions. We are not IT developers – instead we focus on understanding the client need and making sure that the people who will develop the IT solution understand it too, and translate it into the solution.


A web- and smartphone-based solution enabling every employee, whether at head office or inside a store (typically a department manager) to have instant access to sales and margin data. A much faster and friendlier way of accessing information than the usual after-the-event reporting methods.


1 million lines of data, €600M Spend, 6-week project, 1000 users